Healthcare Recruiting

Talent Achievement Group was formed in 2014 by Christopher MacIntyre, a 30-yr veteran of consultative sales in corporate finance, tech start-ups and executive healthcare recruiting.

Having seen and worked at the sharp-end of health recruiting, Christopher believed there was an opportunity to establish a healthcare and staffing consultancy that better reflected his core values. “I love business,” says Christopher. “I love commerce, creating jobs, teaching, coaching and, of course, sales is my life-blood. At TAG, we aim to bring respect, candor, and rigorous professionalism to the healthcare recruiting process.”

Key Staff

This ethos is reflected in the key staff Christopher has brought in around him. General Partner Jonathan Berg has a proven track record in growing recruitment organizations in the healthcare sector and forging new business partnerships based on a foundation of trust and integrity.

General Partner Edwin Mardrosians has built a reputation for impacting his candidates in a positive way which in turn impacts the growth and success of the clients he works with.

We were delighted to welcome on board Albert Vazquez early in 2016.  Albert’s skills in being able to translate our demands and values to candidates has been instrumental in our ongoing growth.


Together with sophisticated IT and marketing operations, TAG’s people are committed to evolving the manner in which candidates are treated, respected and presented, while bringing a new level of professionalism to the healthcare recruiting/client equation.