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Creating a Stand-Out LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile

Creating a Stand-Out LinkedIn Profile

We’ve written at some length on crafting your perfect resume, but in this post, we wanted to focus on an increasingly important tool in your job search armory – your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is rapidly becoming a “must have” addition to the more traditional presentation route of the regular resume and cover letter. The site has streamlined the job search and recruitment process on both ends. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile yet, then this would be the time to create one and get it going for a boost in your job search and career. If you already have a profile, you need to optimize it, to get the best out of your account.

In other articles, TAG delves further in to some of the more personal platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and how you can utilize them to your professional advantage. But here we want to give you some tips on how to make your profile stand out from the crowd a bit more.

Starting from the top

If you want to edit any information on your LinkedIn profile, you can just hover the cursor on the field to find the edit button. Click on the button, edit the information and do not forget to save the changes. When you are assigning a name to your profile, keep it simple so that it’s easy for potential recruiters to find you. Don’t try and be too clever with what you think are attention-grabbing titles. Just be direct, crisp and professional in what you use.

What makes a good Headline?

For any employer or recruitment professional looking at your profile, it is so important that you get this part right. By default, LinkedIn will always fill in your headline with your current job title and employer. And unfortunately, the vast majority of candidates just leave it. Don’t. This is what they call “prime advertising real estate.” And in this case, what you are advertising is yourself. Remember there are days when those employers and recruitment professionals are skimming through so many possible candidates that they do not want to waste their time on headlines that seem boring, confusing, smack of desperation or try to be too clever for their own good. They want something that grabs their attention.

Here’s an example from TAG’s specialty field of Healthcare Recruiting.  Instead of the prosaic “Nursing Home Administrator, help those searching by expanding the Headline to focus on your unique qualifications:

“Nursing Home Administrator – Operational, Regulatory and Staff Management Expertise with Exceptional Resident and Family Satisfaction Record.”

Be specific

Always keep in mind who you’re trying to reach with the headline, and what you can do to stand out from your competition. The more specific you are, the better. If you are a nurse that specializes in a particular area, let those employers and recruitment consultants know right off the bat:

“Caring and experienced Registered Nurse with a history of helping pediatric cancer patients and their families feel at ease through treatment and recovery.”

Get the right profile picture

It might seem obvious but don’t stick to a profile picture from one of your other social accounts and go “oh that’ll do.” LinkedIn is a professional network so it is best you stick to a clear picture in a professional background. It is easier to remember faces than names, so it is a good way to leave a positive mark on a recruiters’ memory.

Use the multimedia functions

LinkedIn allows you to add videos, documents, and photographs to your account. Use them to your benefit wherever you can. Put up a presentation clip, particularly one you know you have done a good job on. Add pictures that are relevant to your work. If you have a short video clip that, put it up there. In short, be creative with these features as they can immeasurably boost your profile.

Add a work summary

The perfect work summary will attract more eyeballs and interest to your profile. Give a comprehensible and interesting outline of your expertise and experience. Mention certain examples to add weight to your words. Recommendations from fellow colleagues and bosses count a lot, so do get those.

Get Connected

Network and add more connections. The more you connect, the wider your professional network becomes. LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool but remember, your profile is a living, breathing thing! Don’t leave it alone.  Continue to refresh and improve it, and if you give it a bit of time, you will see it boost your career.

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How To Prepare For Your Job Interview

job interview

Though the so-called “stress interview” is very much a thing of the past, the very thought of a job interview can reduce a perfectly fine candidate to a bundle of nerves. This is where good preparation can help in dramatically reducing the amount of stress you undergo during the build up. TAG has put together a few pointers that can help you during the run-up.

Scheduling your interview

When you set the time for your interview, make sure you get the basic information absolutely correct:

Time, date and location of interview.

The name(s) and title(s) of the interviewer(s).

Whether the job interview will be a panel interview.

Whether you are to bring examples of your work or other supporting documents.

Suitable attire

Understand how and by who you will be interviewing you

Knowing whether you will be interviewing in a one-on-one situation or whether it will be a panel-based interview situation can help you in your preparation. If you can, get the name(s) of your interviewer(s) and do some research on them. It is possible that this information won’t be available to you, but there is no harm in asking. It demonstrates that you know how to prepare for different situations and are versed in anticipating events.

Read and re-read your resume

It may seem obvious, but in general recruiters always want to hire people who are confident in themselves and their abilities, so make sure that your resume is a clear reflection of your achievements and goals. In a demanding industry, it is extremely important that your recruiter sees a candidate that is self-confident and aware during the job interview, with an in-depth understanding of the key responsibilities they will be charged with.

Read up on industry developments

Employers are impressed by candidates who are well-informed, well-read and up to date with key developments in their particular field. Most industry sectors are very dynamic and ever-evolving spaces. Being informed of recent advances or changes in your field can help break the ice in a job interview by giving you something to talk about.

Research the Company thoroughly before your job interview

Google Google Google! Apart from the obvious online destinations such as the Company website and LinkedIn, pull up various articles that pertain to the Company culture, values, reputation and innovation. Look in to other Social Media sites that can help familiarize you with the Company image. All this preparation can help you answer the obvious direct questions such as “Why do you want to work for our Company?”

Go over the job description again

Make sure you know and understand the job description inside out. If you know someone within the Company, see if you can get them to send you a copy of the internal job listing. Quite often there is more detail in the internal listing than appears externally.

Anticipate their questions

There are the obvious ones that will inevitably surface, starting with “Tell me about yourself.” During your review of the job description, you will have noticed the particular experience and skill sets that the Company is looking for. Pay attention to those and highlight your relevant experiences in your answer. In short, tailor it so it becomes exactly what the Company want to hear! You should also prep answers that highlight not just your strengths but also your weaknesses and how you have gone about correcting those. It’s impossible to accurately predict exactly what will come up in your interview, but having key touchstone answers that you can weave in to different situations will be of invaluable help to you in demonstrating self-confidence and assuredness.

Prepare your own interview questions

You should absolutely ensure that you have your own questions worked out beforehand. You can inquire about specifics of the job, your responsibilities within a team environment and what expectations the Company will have for you as to future role direction. Try and keep your questions more towards the aspirational end and don’t ask the more direct ones such as compensation and benefits. Let the company broach those areas first.

What to take with you

Aside from any specific documents you have been asked to bring with you, don’t assume that everyone present at your interview will have copies of your resume to hand. Print a few out just in case. This will also benefit you if you need to fill out additional application documents as you will have all relevant dates and information to hand.

If you find this informative, we are always here to give you first-hand advice, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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