What Clients Should Be Demanding From Their Healthcare Recruiting Firm

By: Christopher M. MacIntyre

August, 2016

A few weeks back, I wrote a blog article on what a candidate should expect from their healthcare recruiting firm. It occurred to me after we posted it on our website – www.tagachieve.com – that I’d only really dealt with one half of the equation and I should also devote some time to putting out how we approach our client relationships as well.

I’ve spent many years in the recruitment industry and also at the highest levels of corporate investment. In this time,I have learnt to put people first in the way I try and do business. That “people first” mentality extends to the mission and goals I set for Talent Achievement Group. We recognize that we are paid well by our clients, and I wanted to eliminate entirely some of the widespread dubious practices that infect the recruitment industry. I wanted to build a recruiting firm with the emphasis on “consultancy.” I wanted to provide a multi-faceted professional service, offering real value, above and beyond the minimum requirements of ensuring we always present you with the best candidates.
At TAG, our ultimate aim is to become problem-solvers for our clients; offer real solutions to our clients; and refrain from a self-defeating “one and done” philosophy. We’re all about developing relationships with our clients that have long-term potential and are productive for both sides. Where we demonstrate that we understand your organization and are there to help and advise on all aspects of hiring, whether you have a pressing recruitment need or not.

But in multiple conversations with clients, I have noticed that there are similar refrains about some recruiting practices that come up time and again. I’d like to share some of those with you and reiterate how they have no place in my company’s business philosophy.

Offering up candidates who are entirely unqualified or unsuitable or for your organization

Sadly, this is all too prevalent in the recruiting industry and it is a waste of everybody’s time. I fail to understand how this can ever advance a client relationship, as it would rightly have a negative impact on Talent Achievement Group’s reputation. And in a competitive sector, our reputation is the single most important thing to me.

We will never offer up a candidate to our clients who has not been thoroughly vetted by us. And vetted on multiple levels. We believe it is incumbent on us to take as much stress out of the hiring process as possible. Our clients never receive a resume from TAG that does not exactly meet your requirements. We work to ensure that any candidate we present are not just perfectly qualified for your open position, but are thoroughly prepped about your organization before the interviewing stage.

If we can tick all the boxes before you meet with them and you then decide it’s not a good fit, or someone better catches your eye, I will be comfortable in the knowledge that we have presented a compelling option and not wasted your time.

Going “off the radar” when clients pay

It’s an all too common event, unfortunately. Much of the time it can be explained away by the relative age and inexperience of recruiters. Because healthcare recruiting is such a high-pressure environment, and much of a recruiting firm’s focus is on numbers, numbers, numbers, there is a pressure to produce across the board. It’s also an industry that trends towards a younger demographic of employees with little experience, limited corporate understanding and an unhealthy focus on securing commissions.

In our view it is short-term thinking of the worst kind. Our focus is on nurturing long- term, mature business relationships with our clients where we become not just providers of high-quality candidates, but a trusted partner in propelling client growth.

Understanding our clients

I’ve always believed it’s essential that in order to fully deliver to our clients, the single best tool we possess is our ears. How can a healthcare recruiting firm successfully fulfill the needs of a client without listening to the challenges they are facing, their preferred type of candidate and overall recruiting philosophy? As I mentioned, we look to bring our knowledge to bear as effective problem solvers, and this is frankly impossible if we spend all of our time telling clients how amazing we are!

We take pride in getting to know our client companies as best we can. We want to be able to understand your organization in such a way that we can put up candidates that are not just supremely qualified for the position you’re offering, but will also be a good fit for your corporate culture.

So if you have an immediate hiring dilemma, or simply want to discuss some broader industry issues and challenges, do get in touch with me. My door is always open as they say!

The author is Managing General Partner of Talent Achievement Group, a premier Healthcare Recruiting Firm based in Calabasas, Los Angeles, CA.