Choose Your Healthcare Recruiting Firm Wisely

When I formed Talent Achievement Group, a healthcare recruiting firm, back in 2014, I had a very clear vision of how I wanted to try and bring change to the recruitment industry. Recruiters have earned a bad name through many practices that are, shall we say, less than honorable, such as falsifying resumes and misrepresenting relationships. I know. I’ve worked for companies that believed this was typical, and accepted, behavior!

But like any industry, there are good and bad. I decided I wanted to build a healthcare recruiting practice that from day one held to rigorous ethical standards, with a total absence of these widespread deceptive practices, while turning the whole process into a real partnership between you, the candidate, TAG and your prospective employer.

By and large, recruiters aren’t doing you a favor, nor are you doing the recruiter a favor. The bottom line is that if you have an impressive background, you get to pick your recruiter. As recruiters, we are fully aware that we are not the only option. If we think we can place you, then there will be others that will think the same.

Therefore, the onus is on us at TAG to do all we can to help, advise and honestly promote your talents to whom we consider the right organizations for your particular skill-set. We see little point in trying to force round pegs in to square holes. It is a waste of your valuable time and ours. We are meticulous in attempting to put our candidates in a work environment that is the right professional and cultural fit for them.

The relationship you have with your healthcare recruiting firm is of paramount importance. It should be a relationship that is first and foremost based on trust, mutual respect, but also a liberal dose of gut instinct. If you “click” with someone and feel there is a real connection there, don’t ignore it.

What candidates often forget is that there is actually a myriad of services that good recruiters effectively provide for free. By our reckoning, close to 90% of our work is effectively “pro bono” – everything from resume writing and re-writing, personal branding, social marketing advice, interview practice, career and personal guidance, and of course a ready shoulder to cry on. The list is pretty endless. The flip side of this is that we also spend a lot of our time on getting to know our client organizations. For us to help them and place good people with them, it is imperative that we understand the ethos and culture of their company.

One of the more rewarding things we’re now experiencing at TAG is receiving new client and candidate calls coming to us on personal recommendations from our existing clients and candidates. As a recruiter, this is the ultimate validation and says to us that we must be doing something right!

I want to return briefly to the subject of trust. It is the single most important aspect in the recruiter/candidate relationship. We will spend time getting to know you by asking a lot of questions. We will expect you to ask us a lot of questions in return! One of the guiding principles that my company was founded on is that we wanted to establish long-term relationships with our candidates and clients. In effect, to provide you with elements of career counseling, should you need that advice.   We’re not here just for a “one and done” placement, we are genuinely interested in your long-term career path, your vision for where you want to be, not just in the near-term, but well in to the future.

Finally, I want to emphasize that there is a reason I named my company Talent Achievement Group; we rely on your talent. Without that, we have nothing to work with. But we wholeheartedly believe that with our years of experience, we can help you maximize that talent, placing you in better positions with better organizations and help you find not just a rewarding job but build a fulfilling career.